Major Changes

  • Trading – Charts
    • The Tradingview charing library has been updated from 1.11 to 1.12.   This adds more drawing tools and some miscellaneous features
  • Bitfinex Hackathon
    • First Bitfinex Hackathon in London: a 3 day event intended to foster innovation and collaboration within the decentralised digital asset space. Discover more at
  • Proof of Liabilities and Voting
    • Bitfinex released that contains our proof of liabilities and vote delegation data, allowing its users to confirm the presence of their balances and to cast their vote on our ballot website:

Minor Changes

  • Trading – Ticker List
    • New Feature:  A new dropdown has been added to the Ticker List which enables the ability to filter by a second currency
  • Trading – Pairs Display
    • Visual Improvement:  Pairs now always display with 3 characters in the currency
  • Trading – Visual Fixes
    • Bug Fix:  Fixes the display of the Orders component when it is in the collapsed state
  • Funding – Visual Fix
    • Bug Fix:  A minor CSS overflow was fixed in the advanced funding options

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